Pan-Am Dental has developed a prescription form that is easy to use. Simply fill out the desired restoration by bubbling in one of the spaces or write down what your specifications are in the space provided. We encourage any instruction that you think will help the technician. You can always write on the form to have a technician contact you directly. Send photographs or even use your own preexisting prescription form.

1. Pack all materials appropriately. Impressions and bites should be dry and placed in a plastic or bubble bag for shipping. Wet impressions should be wrapped appropriately in order to maintain moisture.

2. Include a Pan-Am Dental Laboratory prescription sheet by wrapping the completed form around the appropriate case with a rubber band.

3. All items should be placed in a shipping appropriate cardboard box complete with foam packing or bubble wrap and shipped to the address shown below.

4. Download and print the appropriate shipping label below and attach to your package.

* Call Pan-Am Dental today for your shipping supplies.
541 E Liberty Street
Savannah, GA 31401
* Adobe Reader required for printing and viewing labels and forms.


For more information about Pan-Am Dental Laboratory, or to talk to a representative, please call:
866-PAN-AM-DL (866-726-2635)

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