Before and AfterActual cases shared by clinicians nationwide.
Crown & BridgeWe offer a complete range of preferred and ADA-approved materials for ceramic or PFM. Whatever your patient needs, Pan-Am has the materials to choose from.
ImplantĀ ProstheticsFamiliar with all implant brands on the market, our lab can provide you with stock or custom parts for fixed, screw retained, or hybrid restorations.
Orthodontic AppliancesWe specialize in the treatment of malocclusion and tooth irregularity. We offer a variety of appliances to correct any of your patient's orthodontic needs.
Removable ProstheticsPan-Am has a complete list of materials to choose from to ensure the best esthetic results for your patient. All removable prosthetics are sold for a flat fee, which includes all the stages you need to ensure an accurate fit.
Sleep AppliancesOur appliances help mitigate sleep disorders like chronic headaches and sleep apnea, providing patients with a better night's rest. All products are removable for ease of use and storage.


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