Crown & Bridge

Procelain Fused To Metal (*All Inclusive)

Porcelain to High Noble
Porcelain to Noble
Porcelain to Non-Precious
Maryland Bridge (1 pontic, 2 wings)
Porcelain Butt Margin
Non-Precious Post and Core
Metal Occlusal (except NP metal)

Full Cast Crowns (*All Inclusive)

Full Non-Precious Crown
Full White Noble Crown
Full White High Noble Crown
Full Yellow-Gold Crown (60%)
Full Yellow-Gold Crown (50%)
Full Yellow-Gold Grown (NP)
Gold Inlay/Onlay (60%)
Gold Inlay/Onlay (NP)

All Porcelain Restorations

IPS Empress® Esthetic
IPS Emax®
Composite Crown

Zirconia Restorations

Full Zirconia, Sagemax© (lifetime warranty)
Full Zirconia, Anterior
Zirconia with Porcelain, Cercon®
Zirconia with Porcelain, NexxZr T
Zirconia X2 Generic

Digital Work Flow

Surgical Guide with Drill Holes
3-D Model Work
No Model Full Contour Emax® or Zirconia Crown

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