About Us

Pan-Am Dental Laboratory is a full service lab specializing in crown and bridge, flexible and traditional partials, implants, full dentures, and orthodontic appliances. At Pan-Am, we believe that consistent quality is the key to mutual success. Our high quality products, coupled with aggressive pricing, allows you to better serve your patients. With patient satisfaction in mind, we’ve created a system that allows us to produce restorations with predictable fit, finish, and functionality.

Our work comes with a full warranty, which provides you with the confidence to try us risk free. If you’re not satisfied, send everything back for a full refund.

Jim Hitch, President

As lead technician at Pan-Am Dental, let me assure you that the most important aspect of our laboratory is patient satisfaction, customer relationships, and communication. Our experienced technicians are available to take questions about a case and, no matter what the case may be, we are here to help service your needs. Make a note on your first case to speak directly with one of us and we will give you a call. We want you to have the same service with us as you would a local provider. That’s our goal.

Rembert Roux, Head Technician


For more information about Pan-Am Dental Laboratory, or to talk to a representative, please call:
866-PAN-AM-DL (866-726-2635)

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